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“Anticipate a tear though as this award winning, modern romance warms the soul, opens the heart and lifts the spirits.” Reviews by Judith


“This is a gorgeous and pretty ground-breaking film shining the light not just on the Deaf community, but on the Trans community as well.

It’s fantastic that these sorts of stories are finding a home in the mainstream”.Brooke Boney – Today Show.


“I was really taken by this… There were so many aspects of it that feel really authentic to me… A very refreshing story to hear in these times.”  Nat Tencic, Triple J – The Hook Up 


“For me, a person of trans experience, I found it not only refreshing but also unimaginably inspiring to see something so sweet, yet authentic…

Ultimately, this is about disadvantaged people getting opportunities and it was fantastic that they gave someone with a disability this opportunity”. Suzy Wrong on JOY 94.9 FM.


“I found Unsound to be a powerful film.

This is one Australian film that gives the audience an insight into a lifestyle that very few will have any previous knowledge of.

Unsound is a well-written drama made even better by the performances of its sensational cast. I challenge anyone to go and see this film and not leave the cinema having learnt some important lessons about those in the community around them.” Heavy Cinema


“This small feature with big ambitions and a heartfelt impact is always its own film”.  Sarah Ward, Concrete Playground


“Reflective of today’s diverse, progressive and inclusive world, this is a great story, very well told; a unique and touching coming of age romantic drama about deaf culture and pride that is engaging as well as consciousness-raising, using music, surprisingly to tell a story about the silent world of the deaf.

4 Star Movie of the Week” Three D Radio


“Unsound has a romance as it’s central plot but there is much more to this film set in Sydney with a young musician drawn to a relationship with a deaf dj.

Unsound is a captivating film – a little gem of a film. Fusing young love, the struggle for self determination and community cohesion with the deaf fighting for a voice in our society with the similar fight experienced by all people for a place in society. Not belittling the enormity of their work but making it clear that we are all equal here – stop hearing privilege. Quite refreshing actually”. Annie McLoughlin 3CR


“Films such as Unsound are vitally important, to queer audiences, seeing their own stories reflected on the Big Screen, but also, and perhaps most importantly films such as Unsound provide for mainstreams audience members an easy path into some of the lesser known corners of the world we live in.

In a measure of this film’s success, following a limited release and premiere at Mardi Gras Film Festival in 2020, Unsound will from today begin a very deserving run in in movie cinemas cross the country,

A powerful film that delicately handles the material at hand, Unsound has already established itself within a class reserved for very others across the history of Australian Film and cinematic culture”. Melbourne Star Observer


“Watching this movie, the soundtrack is enough to lift you off your seat and actually realising, because the soundtrack is like that, the fact that it’s signed and the fact that it’s visual, it’s a much more inclusive diverse experience for the community to watch. It actually didn’t take me much to make it more 4D” ABC Radio Melbourne – Libbi Gorr


UNSOUND “does an exquisite job… it “understands disability as part of the full person” Joy 94.9 FM



Concrete Playground


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Heavy Cinema


Reviews by Judith

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